Monday, September 17, 2012

Current Affairs Quiz 17 Sept

1. According to the state budget, how  many jobs were cut from the Queensland Health Department? (b)
    (a) 2457
    (b) 4140
    (c) 14,000

2. The controversial Supertrawler has been renamed what? >> Abel Tasman

3. Which Australian mining magnate recently stated that Aussies could become rich if they drank and smoked less, and worked  harder? >> Gina Rinehart.

4. Which high profile Queenslander has been asked to reconsider his membership of the LNP? >> Clive Palmer

5. Who is the Premier of New South Wales, and which political party does he belong to? >> Barry O'Farrell

6. Name the capital of Afghanistan. >> Kabul

7. In recent opinion polls, who is the preferred leader of the federal opposition? >> Malcolm Turnbull

8. French celebrity magazine Closer was the first to publish which controversial photos last week? >> Topless Kate

9. Which Australian agency is known as the 'Corporate Watchdog'? >> Australian Securities & Exchange Commission [ASIC]

10. Name Australia's Big Four Banks. >> Westpac, Commonwealth, NAB, ANZ

11. Did the Australian Paralympic Team win more or less gold medals than the Australian Olympic Team? >> MORE (32 v 7)

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