Monday, September 3, 2012

Current Affairs Test 04Sept2012

1. In Tony Abbott's absence, who is the Acting Leader of the Opposition? > 
Warren Truss, Leader of the National Party

2. Prime Minister Gillard held a long press conference in which she answered media questions regarding her former employment with which law firm? > Slater & Gordon

3. America's 4th mass shooting in five weeks occurred outside which major tourist attraction, in which city? >> Empire State Bldg, New York

4. A state by-election was held in the NSW seat of Heffron last weekend, a seat made vacant by the resignation of which former Premier? > Kristina Keneally

5. Which Hollywood legend spoke to an imaginary President Obama at the Republican National Convention? > Clint Eastwood

6. Which radio personality is critical of female politicians and said on air that they were "destroying the joint"? > Alan Jones

7. A Green On Blue incident refers to
       (a) An outbreak of Green Algae in the Western Qld river system
      (b) An attack by Afghani troops on Coalition troops (correct)
      (c) a test match between England an Australa

8.  Which celebrity was hospitalised this week after being attacked by Twitter trolls? > Charlotte Dawson

9. Prior to this week, the worst day for Australian casualties in war was that the Battle of where? In which war? > Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam War

10. This weekend, Hal David passed away at age 91. Mr David was one of the most famous lyricists of the 20th Century. Who is his famous song-writing partner? > Burt Bacharach

11. A major education report has been in the news.   
     (i) By what name is the report known? > The Gonski Report
    (ii) Who is the Queensland Education Minister? > John Paul Langbroek
   (iii) Who is the federal Minister for School Education? > Peter Garrett

12. Name the massive agribusiness that was sold to Chinese interests last week, and name the major crop grown there. > Cubbie Station, cotton

13. Retail Sales Figures for July have been released. Are they up or down? > Up by 0.8%.

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